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  • Commercialising and marketing ground-breaking products
  • Reducing Energy consumption through efficiency technology
  • Improving Industrial Process Efficiency
  • Environmental Cleanup and Alternative Energy technology
  • HeartVue - Breakthrough Heart Screening Medical Device FDA Approval study completed, first units ship in Europe. HeartVue promises to provide a superior and more cost-effective technology to screen and diagnose heart disease... Read More »
  • NanoVit benefits over Moly Sulphide Verification of the superior properties of NanoVit over the MoS2 nano-particle coatings in study... Read More »
  • See us at the European Base Oils and Lubricants Conference, London, Nov 09 We will be exhibiting our nano-particle, NanoVit, at the conference... Read More »
  • Efficiency Technologies invited to speak at 2010 Copenhagen Green Ship conference Presenting the improvements in efficiency in Cargo Vessels treated with the NanoVit particle... Read More »